Find out why it's mutually beneficial:


Consumers, now more than ever, want to know more about what they are putting in their bodies and where their food comes from. Our platform serves to tackle this challenge in a real actionable way, while uplifting the agriculture industry at large — the most important occupation in the world.

At Make Hay, we are developing a technology platform that facilitates deeper connections, creates greater efficiencies, and ultimately provides a stage that will empower all the individually unique stories of our land. We believe in the power of digital transformation, but in its simplest, most genuine form. With support from Purdue University, High Alpha Innovation, and a vast network of Agricultural and Food experts, we will indeed have impact. We are here, we are ready. Time to Make Hay.


To our Farmers and our Agriculture Producers of all kinds.

You are why we show up to work, because you do…each and every day. We want to make your livelihood better, best we can. We promise to always listen, to always answer the phone/ email/ text/ snap etc. We will be present.

To our Customers (brand partners / organizations).

If you love what we are doing here at Make Hay, then we want to partner, like really ‘partner’, as we are here to make your lives, organizations, better. Having a “doing good” mindset helps all our causes, and we promise to always do right on your behalf, we would hope for the same in return.

To our future investors.

If you are interested in investing in Make Hay, it is paramount we want the same things. We promise that you will never come before our customers and farmers, and we do promise to be good stewards of your capital.

To our future employees.

If you are interested in working for Make Hay, you need to fall in love with our mission. And make no mistake, you will have plenty of fun here at Make Hay, but you will work very hard. We just have to.