Make Hay is a B2B marketing technology platform that enables brands to produce authentic and trusted agricultural-related marketing content at scale.

We are building a platform that not only celebrates and compensates, but one that educates, advocates, and amplifies farmer's voices in shaping agricultural narratives.


  1. We’re a SaaS platform that gives brands unprecedented access to content made by farmers and agricultural producers of all kinds.
  2. You'll get access to real, 'raw' storytelling 
that is relevant and aligned with your brand's needs and objectives, with a data-centered approach that guarantees results.
  3. Our user-friendly subscription based model enables brands to create simplified marketing briefs, that will in turn, serve up relevant existing UGC as well as the production of new, original content.
  4. Farmers Benefit too! They get to have fun showing off their hard work, and get paid when their content is selected by brands.

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